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Vandals target Royston benches

By Alison Burkinshaw, Royston Reporter Friday 25th April 2014

BENCHES which were only installed a few weeks ago have been vandalised by vandals.

Six benches were paid for by the Forestry Commission, to be put in sites around Royston and Grimethorpe, including some at Rabbit Ings and at the new Park Springs tip, off Park Spring Road.

Councillors Jeff Ennis and Dorothy Higginbottom discovered the benches had been 'destroyed' on Monday as they drove on the bypass.

Coun Ennis said: "Someone has defecated on one of the benches and the other has been completely destroyed.

"To find human excrement on a bench in a public place is horrific.

"Some people haven't got a community bone in their body.

"Idiots like this give people in communities like Grimethorpe a bad name."

Coun Dorothy Higginbottom said she is absolutely disgusted that someone has 'been to the toilet' on one of the benches.
"The other bench looks as though someone has rode a motorcycle into it.

"This is the problem. You try and do things for a community to make it a nicer place to live and this is what happens, people disrespect it."

Coun Ennis said: "We need to catch the person/people who have done this so that we can get a prosecution.

"We hope that we will be able to replace these benches, but we will be leaving it a couple of months to see if any incidents occur with the new benches at other sites in the area."

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Posted by tzj I Sun 27th Apr 2014 at 2:15pm

Mmm... a cheap IP camara would have caught them. Security should be in the same band as restoration/improvement.