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Wombwell man gives TV up for lent

By ashley ball, Wombwell/Dearne Reporter Tuesday 15th April 2014

CHOCOLATE, wine, television? Of things people give up for Lent, TV isn't the usual choice.

However, Martijn Mugge, curate at Wombwell St Mary's Church has given up TV and says the whole family is benefiting.

"There's nothing wrong with television but a few years ago I found myself planning my diary around what was on and that's not right," said Martijn, originally from the Netherlands.

"My four children did a little bit of complaining at the start, but by the end of Lent they will have appreciated not having it.

"It has given us more time to talk and play family games and I have not really missed it."

He says it's not just giving up one thing, but taking up another that's important.

"It would be interesting if you added up the average time a family must watch television together.

"We will have a family night watching a film once lent is over."