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Man claims stutter denied him bar entry

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Friday 11th April 2014
Adam Shaw

A MAN with a stutter believes he was refused entry to a bar because bouncers mistook the way he speaks for drunkenness.

Adam Shaw, 20, of Britannia Close, Barnsley, had been out on Friday night with his girlfriend Jade Davis, 19, and her mum, sister and sister's boyfriend and went to Digital Bar on Wellington Street.

Adam, who has suffered a stutter all his life, said: "The bouncer said 'you can't come in'.

"I asked why and he said 'because you're too drunk'. I wasn't drunk at all. The manager agreed and said I couldn't come in.
"It really annoyed me. I've got a stutter and you shouldn't judge me because of the way I speak. I've never had anything like this before."

"I told them I had a stutter, but they said I was drunk. I'd had a couple of drinks but I was totally fine."

Owner of the bar Darren Donogue was on the door on Friday night and recalled refusing Adam entry.

He said: "We are working hard with the police to tighten up our door policies in terms of underage, drunk and disorderly behaviour.
"I am quite within my rights to refuse entry to anybody - I don't particularly need to have a reason. However, I was of the opinion he and his party were drunk.

"A group of women he was with fell into our barriers knocking them over.

"It was nothing to do with the way he speaks. I didn't even know he had a speech impediment until he came back a few minutes later to complain."