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Petition created to keep High Street toilets

By ashley ball, Wombwell/Dearne Reporter Friday 11th April 2014

A PETITION has been created to stop the removal of the toilets on Wombwell High Street.

The toilets were closed by the council and could be demolished.

Kevin Hardman from Middlecliff Lane, Middlecliff, has been gathering support to save them. A revamp with a pay to use system would be popular, said Kevin, 51.

He said: "A lot of people have said if the toilets were maintained properly and clean that they would not mind paying 20p to use them."

Coun Dick Wraith admits that it's sad the toilets have closed. He says there is little hope that they can be saved but wants the building itself to stay.

He said: "The final decision has been made about the toilets.

"We've done all we can as members but as fast as they were being cleaned they were getting disgusting again.
"There has also been a lot of vandalism and we have been chucking money away fixing the problems there."

Dick said he is in favour of retaining the building as a sort of kiosk.