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Motorists plea to make road safer

By Ed Elliot, Penistone Reporter Friday 11th April 2014
Mick Boaler

A FORMER Penistone mayor has called for motorists to slow down and be vigilant of wildlife after seven ducks were killed by vehicles in just over a week.

Mick Boaler feels speeding has become a major issue on Huddersfield Road and fears for people's safety.

The 56-year-old, who served as town mayor in the 90s, contacted the police this week after witnessing a driver accelerate to hit a duck and wants the road to be classed as a community concern site, which would mean regular visits by speed cameras.


He said: "Excessive speed has become an ever-increasing problem and it will only be a matter of time before there is a fatality.

"Mindless motorists have been responsible for killing several ducks which are crossing the road. It's unbelievable how impatient people are, even the ones who stop will sit there blowing their horns at the ducks."

Mick has contacted South Yorkshire Police's Safety Camera Partnership to ask for the road to be listed as a concern site.

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Posted by Bob Forrest I Fri 11th Apr 2014 at 1:06pm

Exactly the same problem with traffic entering and exiting INGBIRCHWORTH , now the speed camera has been "disabled" it's like a race track, the council will do nothing and the police say they can do very little

Posted by THE TERMINATOR I Fri 11th Apr 2014 at 6:05pm
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Posted by Muddled I Sat 12th Apr 2014 at 7:59am

Only in Barnsley could a story about ducks turn in to a racist tirade. Even if we take your comments seriously the under-funded Police and their depleted resources will surely have better things to do then deal with a phone call about ducks getting hit on the road. A road where household cats, foxes, hedgehogs and other animals get routinely killed - where are these articles? But then I guess there is not an ex-mayor reporting it on a slow news day.

Perhaps the crux of the issue is why ducks are leaving their habitat and approaching human life and the road. But yeah! Those damn foreign nationals! Jeez, who gives a duck?

Posted by Tongue firmly in cheek I Mon 14th Apr 2014 at 4:28pm
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Posted by Baba I Mon 14th Apr 2014 at 10:31pm

Muddled and Tongue Firmly in Cheek - totally agree with you both. Whilst I agree that something needs to be do e to reduce speed, what the HELL has it got to do with immigration???!!! Jeez!

Posted by Mick Boaler I Sat 21st Jun 2014 at 2:07am
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