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Major refurbishment for Grimethorpe Post Office

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Friday 4th April 2014
David and Stella Milner

GRIMETHORPE Post office has had a £20,000 refurbishment and can now be used for taxing vehicles.

Grimethorpe has been upgraded to a 'main style' post office.

The main differences are that it will remain open until 5.30pm on a Saturday, rather than 12.30, and customers will be able to tax cars.
David and Stella Milner have been postmasters for 24 years.

Stella said: "We only came for two years, but 24 years later we're still here.

"It was a small office when we came and the plan was to learn the job and then get moved somewhere bigger. But it's just grown and grown.

"We really like it here - most days, anyway."