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Vandals target Royston Canal

By Alison Burkinshaw, Royston Reporter Tuesday 11th March 2014
Pd49192 Members of Royston Canal club are frustrated by the vandalism

BIRDS have been shot and new fences ripped out in a spate of vandalism around Royston canal.

John Clare, secretary of the Royston Canal club, said a lot of work by its members to improve the area was being undone by vandals.

Four coots have been found shot, and new fences have been ripped out and thrown into the canal.

John said: "Lifebelts are thrown in almost everyday, and although it seems petty, it could have serious consequences.

"Our club only has six members, and they all work to make the area safe and ready for the new season."

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Posted by Muddled I Tue 11th Mar 2014 at 6:26pm

The kids around here are free to roam and have zero discipline installed in them. It's destructive and no doubt will be dismissed as being borne out of boredom; In reality they are just second and third generation thugs who need direction. Unfortunately, no organisation in authority will have the financial resources or man power to deal with this and the poor sods at Royston Canal Club have to take it on the chin. It must be so demoralising, especially when they are there to wind down and relax.

Posted by Ian McGougan I Tue 18th Mar 2014 at 2:37pm

I used to live in Royston. It breaks your heart to hear stories like this. The village needs every help it can get to stay attractive to live in.