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Bowling club claims missed funding opportunity

By helen williams, Hoyland Reporter Wednesday 26th February 2014

A CROWN green bowling club claims it has been left out of the chance to share a pot of cash worth more than £20,000.

Tankersley Bowling Club says Barnsley Bowling Association gets £20,000 from Barnsley Council to split between a dozen clubs - but Tankersley has been left out in the cold.


Member Trevor Jowitt said: "We're about the only bowling club in Barnsley that doesn't get funding from Barnsley Council. Barnsley Bowling Association gets more than £20,000 a year but that doesn't include us.

"We complained about it but the association had a vote and it went against us. We have now managed for two years and we're still in the black."

Members pay expenses like maintaining the green out of their own pockets. They also want to improve the pavilion. In total, it costs about £1,500 a year to run the club which has 14 members.

Barnsley Bowling Association said later there were other clubs in Carlton and Darton that funded themselves. Secretary and treasurer Colin Ingram said: "There are funding criteria for clubs - a club has to have so many members for example."


The full story appears in the Barnsley Chronicle newspaper, dated February 21.