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What is your internet gripe? Have your say!

By helen williams, Hoyland Reporter Thursday 20th February 2014
Internet / Keyboard / Computer

YOU could travel by train to London and back in the time it takes firms at a Tankersley business park to send and receive files over the internet.


Dransfield Properties, Fit 4It, Sheffield Mutual, Premier Inn, NWS, A Shade Greener, Ledgard Jepson and Everlasting Boilers have lodged a joint petition with Barnsley Council over their slow broadband speeds.


Do you suffer from slow internet speeds?


We hate that dreaded spinning beach ball on uploads... what's your internet gripe?


We'd love to share your comments - join the debate here and we will share our favourites.

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Posted by S. Bamforth I Thu 20th Feb 2014 at 4:52pm

Due to the debacle of DIgital Region and no buyer apparently coming forward we find ourselves in a black hole re fibre to the cabinet in Tankersley.There is a brand new DR Cabinet about 150 metered from our house and no access. There is no high speed internet available due to BT and Virgin so far not taking over this extensive network which has cost millions.

Posted by Cllr. Robert Barnard I Thu 20th Feb 2014 at 4:58pm

This is a serious problem not only in the Tankersley Parish but across the Penistone area as a whole. Much has already been written about the failure of the Digital Region scheme but that failure has left many households and business watching the spinning beach ball when people in other, usually urban, areas are already enjoying the benefits of superfast broadband.

Negotiations are ongoing between the DCMS and the four South Yorkshire local authorities to find a solution to this problem. However, I do think that even then some residents in the most isolated locations will still not enjoy the full benefits of proper connectivity. We have looked at various options such as community wi-fi schemes but these present significant technical and financial difficulties.

In the end the least worst solution for some people might be 4G mobile internet although this will be at higher cost and depends on the providers also resolving the annoying problem of signal black-spots.

Posted by Anon I Thu 20th Feb 2014 at 5:13pm

Police work near tankersley / chapeltown let and there is no signal whatsoever

Posted by AK I Fri 21st Feb 2014 at 10:53am

I agree with S Bamforth and Cllr Barnard here. I live in the Oxspring area near Penistone and until recently enjoyed speeds of around 40Mbps via Digital Region. This has now gone down the pan and I'm back to bog-standard broadband at 3Mbps.

Other parts of the area have been wired up to BT's fibre-optic product which offers an equivalent level of service to Digital Region, but with the closure of DR rural areas like mine have been left with a switched-off DR fibre service and no BT fibre.

I'm not the world's biggest internet user, but such a dramatic drop in speed has been a real pain - not just for work, but for streaming video and entertainment. Digital Region shouldn't have been allowed to just drop off the map - would it have been so hard to hand the fibre infrastructure over to BT or another provider to give us a continuity of service?

Posted by Hovis80 I Sat 22nd Feb 2014 at 9:53am

Royston is the same, it' sounds to me has, they don't want to extend the privilege to anyone outside the town centre or imediate surrounding areas. So us on the outskirts will loose out. Also it will be along time before we even get a 4G signal

Posted by Liz Oakley I Sat 28th Jun 2014 at 11:03am

Bt will not give us fibre optic when the other side of the road has it

Posted by Paul Holdsworth I Mon 18th Aug 2014 at 8:52pm

I live at Crow Edge near Penistone and enjoyed fibre broadband for just over a year. They have also decided to stop it !!??? Why can't they just give it to bt or something? It's silly to put in fibre all the way to our cabinet then not use it. Totally ridiculous and not acceptable. Is anyone going to do something about it?? Service ended on Friday 15th Aug 2014 RIP :'(

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