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Munchie man wins McDee day showdown

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Monday 17th February 2014
PD48352 Munchie Man - The Fast-Food Superhero

A FAST-FOOD superhero has taken on mighty McDonald's — and won.


Munchie Man, AKA Paul Appleby, launched a new business last Friday taking orders for McDonald's customers who don't want to pick it up themselves. But after 45 successful deliveries he hit a snag - and got banned from the restaurants.


Paul, 41, of Intake Crescent, said: "We were really busy on the Friday and Saturday night, until McDonald's just stopped serving us. They wouldn't let us in."


The restaurant on Old Mill Lane said it had concerns over food safety but after a flood of complaints from customers, a McDonald's spokesman told Chronicle reporters that they had now reversed the decision to ban Paul - and that he would be welcome to continue his delivery service as long as he didn't use McDonald's 'intellectual property' such as logos and photographs.


"I'm over the moon," said Paul. "They've said I'm welcome in all their restaurants, so I'm hoping this can really grow now."

Paul has invested more than £5,000 on his business that sees him dress up as superhero 'Munchie Man' and deliver food from fast food outlets for a charge of £4.50.


He hopes to add other outlets to his website and has already agreed to deliver breakfasts for Bailey's Coffee Shop in the market.

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