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Football club asks fans to improve behaviour

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Friday 14th February 2014
Barnsley FC

Barnsley FC has called on fans to improve behaviour after incidents including the smashing of seats, damage of stand hoarding and releasing of smoke canisters.


The club's statement said a small group of supporters in the CK Beckett stand had been causing trouble in recent weeks.


It also said there had been fraudulent use of season tickets.


Twitter was littered with messages about 'heavy-handed' stewarding following Saturday's tense match with Ipswich, which saw the Reds' leave with a draw having been 2-0 up.


The statement said: "It is very important that, as a club, supporters and stewarding can work together to prevent these issues continuing to take place.


"To have policing within Oakwell will greatly increase our match day operational costs, which will have a direct implication on our playing budget as would any fines from the FA.


"As always, any individual complaints supports may have can be directed to the club by email to"

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Posted by Bobby Davrow I Fri 14th Feb 2014 at 11:51am

Our security is a disgrace! They kick people out for sitting in the wrong seat which is pointless if no fans are bothered about it ie sat in someone else's seat but when it comes to fans setting off flares and throwing them down the ponty end they don't do anything. #scandalous

Posted by Ben Dover I Fri 14th Feb 2014 at 11:53am
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Posted by Garry Glitter I Fri 14th Feb 2014 at 11:56am
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Posted by Van Ker I Fri 14th Feb 2014 at 11:58am

I'm at the ground now waiting for the big match tomorrow can't wait to see oakwell bouncing #redandwhitearmy

Posted by ivor biggun I Fri 14th Feb 2014 at 6:58pm

Sd security guards have a real attitude problem they put on there fancy coat and all of a sudden there mike tyson :/ think not old boy they need to tread very carefully around barnsley folk

Posted by David Wood I Wed 19th Feb 2014 at 9:03am

Doyle Security are a disgrace to Barnsley Football Club and Barnsley as an whole, The SIA should get involved if this is the case and this way they can suspend their Security ''Guarding'' Licence and also suspend those without an SIA Licence considering their stewards are meant to have them and shouldn't be working in Stewarding/Security without them as it is a requirement of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Doyle Security think they are ten men and they don't help themselves when it comes to matters raised by supporters who at the end of the day are paying their wages, it is about helping supporters not being heavy handed with them but they will never know what customer care is which says it all. I worked for Doyle security for 2 years and it was the worse 2 years of my life. They'll never change just because they are a ''big name'' doesn't mean to say that they should not treat supporters with respect. Its about respect and kindness to supporters. I agree with the supporters who have commented saying that it is scandalous what BFC should is not pay the stewards wages if they carry on acting in this manner or review the CCTV footage and dismiss the stewards that are being heavy handed

Posted by joey I Wed 16th Apr 2014 at 11:25am

just to correct a post from david wood, to be a steward, it isn't an requirement they have an sia badge they are called stewards because they are stewards not sia. lets get our information correct before we write nonsense comments. I take every1s point that they are heavy handed though, people should be approached on a friendly level first not ejected for daft stuff like swearing, its education people need, not being thrown out for trivial stuff that can be sorted out with a quiet word

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