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Kissogram searching for little and large

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Friday 24th January 2014

A model who runs a kissogram and stripogram agency is desperate to recruit some cheeky dwarves.


Hayley Batty, who runs Hayley B Entertainments, said she has been inundated with calls from prospective customers who want to book a kissogram dwarf.


"There's just nobody out there who does it. I'd really like to recruit someone but I can't find anyone," said Hayley, 30, originally from Wombwell.


She's also looking for roly poly kissograms - particularly men. "We're talking about bigger people here. I mean really big.  There's a huge market for it. It's about taking the Mickey and having a bit of fun really.


"Kissograms are different to stripograms, as there's no nudity involved. It's just a bit cheeky and a bit fun.  Its very popular with hen do and stag do customers, where people want to embarrass the hen, or the stag."


She posted the call-out for dwarf kissograms on the Hayley B Entertainments page on Facebook.

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Posted by Miss X I Mon 27th Jan 2014 at 1:55pm

Really? Dwarves? It's 2014. Surely this sort of "freak show" should be left in the past? It doesn't matter that it's "having a bit of fun" - it's exploitative and pretty grim, really. Doesn't paint Barnsley in the best light.

Posted by Victoria I Wed 29th Jan 2014 at 6:15pm

I agree, and also with the 'roly poly' people, I can see where she is coming from with regards to a bit of 'cheeky fun' but surely given the fact that this is 2014 it is hardly PC and I agree it does not give a positive light for the town of Barnsley.

Though having said that I am a 'roly poly' and I wouldn't mind earning some extra money :)

Though I am female so guess don't pass muster :) (though do have the moustache)