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Barnsley's Metrodome is a magnet for visitors

By Lynsey Bradford, Town Reporter Saturday 4th January 2014

The Metrodome leisure centre attracts people from as far away as Edinburgh and Brighton, new figures have revealed.


Ticket sales in general show more that 280,000 people have visited the centre since the start of 2013. It is one of the most popular leisure centres in the country.


The data about where people are coming from is based on ticket bookings via the newly-launched Calypso Cove Water Park and Metrodome Bowling website from the 2013 school summer holidays up to the present day.


The creation of new websites has also helped attract more people, with the number of visitors to the Hallowe'en 'spooktacular' rising from 330 in 2012 to 500 last year.


Tim Wilson, BPL chief executive, said: "2013 was a great year for BPL and Barnsley as a whole as we attracted people from right across the UK to visit Barnsley. "It's fantastic that the top class leisure facilities offered in the town are being recognised. As we go forward we are always looking at ways to further develop and improve our leisure facilities for our customers and fitness members."


Steve Roberts, head of business development, said the Metrodome was looking to refurbish the Rigby's cafe and function room as well as invest money in other venues across Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire.

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Posted by BB I Sun 26th Jan 2014 at 7:50pm

I have to suspect that the visitors from Edinburgh and Brighton were headed to Barnsley anyway rather than making a special trip for the Metrodome?

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