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A pair of New Year 'onesies'

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Friday 3rd January 2014
Lyndsay and Martin Brettoner with new baby Alisha, born on New Year's Day.

New year baby Alisha Brettoner will never have trouble remembering her mum's birthday. Alisha and mum Lyndsay were both born on New Year's Day - 34 years apart.


Lyndsay, of Edwins Close, Athersley South, said: "She's a lovely birthday present, and a new year present for all the family.  They'd all been saying she'd come on New Year's Day.


"I kind of had a feeling she would." Alisha is Lyndsay's fifth child. She had been due today but Lyndsay was taken into hospital on Monday with minor complications.


"They were worried I had too much fluid and she was looking a bit small.  But she was absolutely fine and she's come out 6lb 13-and-a-half ounzes, so she's a good weight."


Lyndsay's other children are aged 16, 11, five and two. She and husband Martin, who works in window and conservatory production at Sash UK, Grimethorpe, were due to return home last night.


The Chronicle contacted bookmakers William Hill to ask if the odds could have been be calculated on Alisha's arrival. Spokesman Rupert Adams said: "What an astonishing coincidence.  If Lyndsay had come to us a few years ago and asked for odds on her having a daughter on New Years Day we would have offered her 365/1 at the very least.


"We would like to offer her a free bet at 1000/1 that Alisha gives her a granddaughter born on New Year's Day."

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Posted by bob I Fri 3rd Jan 2014 at 5:58pm

great pic dont no about the bad piercings

Posted by Rosie I Fri 3rd Jan 2014 at 8:45pm

My lovely next door neighbour:-)