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13,000 signature petition handed in to council against proposed demolition of town centre library

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Tuesday 24th December 2013
Handover: Library campaigners ahead of handing over their petition at Barnsley Town Hall.

A Save Our Library campaigner is concerned the proposed demolition of the central library is a foregone conclusion, despite 13,000 signing a petition against it.


Library campaigners handed over their petition to council leader Sir Steve Houghton yesterday.


Campaigner Dave Gibson said: "One of things everybody has felt is it's a done deal.


"As I handed over the petition I was wondering to myself if they will listen or carry on with what appears to be a predetermined plan."


The handover comes after approval last week for the library to move into Wellington House, should it be demolished, and redundancy consultation letters being sent to a number of cleaners at the library.


The cleaning staff received notices due to Wellington House being smaller and already having its own cleaners, meaning all those from the library would not be required.


The campaigners said this was evidence a decision had 'already been made' and the ongoing consultation process on the library's future was 'being ignored'.


However, a council spokesman said letters had been sent out only to make sure contractual notice periods were stuck to if the move went ahead. He said the redundancy process could easily be halted if it didn't.

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Posted by stu I Thu 26th Dec 2013 at 3:50pm

Course it's a done deal..........underhand tactics.13,000 signatures won't mek 'apenny o' difference to them what's intent on steamrolling t'job through for reasons only they can tell us.It stinks.

Posted by cp I Fri 3rd Jan 2014 at 1:56pm

Lets hope it's a done deal. The library is being moved so l don't understand the problem, you're not losing it. Those shops next door are an eyesore and need knocking down asap, when the new college is up it will be the final jigsaw in that part of town, 21st century, unlike the people that are holding moves like this back.