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Tall order: 6ft 4in actor dwarfs Snow White cast

By gail robinson, Town Reporter Saturday 14th December 2013
Eliza Austin and Paul Perrozi

Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Bashful and... Massive?


The heights of the dwarves in a panto production of Snow White in Wath are not what you'd call consistent.


Eliza Austin, who plays Snoozy, is just 3 ft 6 ins and the shortest dwarf in the production at Montgomery Hall.


Towering over the five-year-old is 6 ft 4 ins Paul Perrozzi who has the role of the appropriately-named dwarf Tiny.


Producer and director Suzy Dix, who wrote the script for the Tinpot Theatre Group's production, said: "They are both great actors but we didn't realise the difference in height until they were together on stage."


Jamie Utley, who plays Muddles, said the 'massive dwarf' is central to some of the performance's humour.


"It is an original script, It's obviously based on the traditional story but with lots of humour and modern references," he said.


"There's even some 'twerking' in there."


Performances run from Wednesday through to Christmas eve. For tickets visit

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