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'Baker Boys' win lots of dough

By Lynsey Bradford, Town Reporter Saturday 7th December 2013
John-Stuart Birkinshaw with Mick and Matthew Dolan.

Three Barnsley bakers are counting their dough after scooping more than £350,000 on the Euro Millions lottery.


Bakery boss John-Stuart Birkinshaw, of L Birkinshaw and Sons in Darton, and two employees, brothers Mick and Matthew Dolan, bought a ticket after forming the syndicate 'The Baker Boys'.


They matched five numbers and one lucky star in last Tuesday's draw.


The bakers admitted they only buy a ticket 'when there's something worth winning' and it was thanks to Matthew who saw the huge jackpot and suggested buying a ticket. But it wasn't until they got to work the next day that they realised their good fortune.


John-Stuart, 60, of Barugh Green, said: "We decided to play because it was a huge jackpot, but we didn't think we'd win. We didn't know we'd won until we came to work at 3am. We were making pies and I asked Matt to check the ticket.


"We were in a state of shock, we couldn't believe it.


"We phoned our partners to tell them and they thought we were joking."


John-Stuart shot up to the post office, and asked them to double check the numbers but it was so early he had to wait for it to open. But as soon as it did they verified the win of £359, 010.60. It means they each receive £119,670.


When it comes to their new found wealth, John-Stuart will enjoy a no expenses spared trip to Australia, which he had already booked, and Mick, 40, of Woolley Colliery, said he was looking forward to paying off his mortgage and treating himself to some new wheels.


Matt, 27, of Mapplewell, said he was unsure of what to spend the money on, but the first thing he was going to get was a provisional driving licence so he could open a bank account. He is also considering a holiday, but needs to get a passport.


Mick added: "It's thanks to Matt, he always comes up with bright ideas."


The bakery has been in John-Stuart's family for about 100 years. He has worked there for about 45 years since he was 15-years-old.


His first job was starring in the famous football scene in the film Kes, playing on the same side as Billy Casper (Dai Bradley). Mick and Matthew have both worked at the bakery since leaving school.

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