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Residents 'sick to death' of trolleys dumped in river

By gail robinson, Town Reporter Wednesday 27th February 2013
Honeywell resident Rob Gillott at the River Dearne site where Asda trolleys are regularly found.

Residents have called on supermarket giant Asda to take urgent action to stop the almost daily dumping of trolleys in the nearby river Dearne.


They say the trolleys are an eyesore and potential environmental hazard and fear they could also cause injuries to those struggling to pull them clear of the water.


Fred Ward, from Honeywell Street, said: "I'm sick to death of calling the supermarket, the council, the environment agency and anyone else who will listen about the problem.


"They look bad and they could be dangerous. At the very least it's a waste of money.


"Why can't they just do something to stop people taking the trolleys out of the car park in the first place."


Staff at the store off Old Mill Lane admit they are aware and also frustrated by the problem.


One worker said: "It is annoying and we are as fed up as the residents. It's kids that throw them in the river."


Robert Gillott who lives on Clanricarde Street says he believes the problem could be alleviated if the supermarket charged a £1 deposit for every trolley used.


"People pay £1 deposit for the smaller trolleys, but the daft thing is there is no deposit for the largest trolleys and they are the ones ending up in the river," he said.


"It is the shoppers who basically can't be bothered to take the trolleys back to the trolley store, they abandon them all over the car park then the kids get them and dump them in the river.


"Surely it would save Asda time and money and be better for the environment and everyone concerned if they did something sensible to stop this repeatedly happening.


An Asda spokesman said: "We share concerns about abandoned trolleys - that's why we do everything we can to ensure that none of them go walkies from our stores.


"Clearly, most of our customers can be trusted to use trolleys appropriately, but we'd plead once again with the minority of people that do take them off site and abandon them to stop doing so, and ask anyone else that sees one abandoned to give us a call so that we can go and collect it.


"We're currently looking into the issue and we will be taking a view on a longer term strategy to prevent this."

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