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Councillors hand in 300 letters of objection against redevelopment at Royston School

By Lynsey Bradford, Town Reporter Monday 11th February 2013

Up to 300 letters of objection from residents who are opposed to the redevelopment at Royston High School have been handed in to the council.


Royston councillors Graham Kyte, Tim and Tracey Cheetham handed in the objections at the planning offices on Wednesday.


A planning application has been submitted for 143 houses, a supermarket and petrol filling station by Kier Property Developments.


It also includes car parking space, landscaping and an outline application for a health centre.


The council wants to sell the land, which is though to be worth about £7m, and a consultation by the developer has been held with local people, but Coun Kyte said the findings have not been made public.


He said there were already three supermarkets in Royston and a petrol station.


"It is no wonder the developer won't tell us the outcome of the public consultation. These letters represent the tip of the iceberg as far as objections are concerned.

Another supermarket and petrol station are not needed or wanted in Royston."


Coun Tim Cheetham said he could understand the council wanted the money from the sale of the land, and said people had even accepted there would be some houses built on it.


But he said people were upset at the lack of green space, the fact that smaller shop units had been removed from the the plans and that another supermarket would damage smaller businesses in the town.


"I'm sympathetic to the idea that the land is worth £7m to the council and they need the money.


"Lord knows I'm sympathetic having pulled £4.5m out of children's services, I don't want to be adding another £7m to that.


"But the people of Royston, where I was born and brought up, are the ones that elected me.

"It could cause us all sorts of problems and doesn't add anything to the village."


Fred Harston, chairman of Royston Tenants and Residents' Association said one of the biggest problems would be an increase in traffic.


"There will be 143 houses going up, which could mean up to 300 cars if families have two cars.


"The road structure was not built to take that kind of traffic. Its already tight on Midland Road when cars are parked on each side of the road.


"The only good thing to come out of it may be the new health centre."


The application will be discussed by planning bosses later this month.

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Posted by Fay I Mon 11th Feb 2013 at 12:07pm

As a resident myself of Royston They are talking about the cars when the new houses go up but what about the schools They is no spaces left and familys moving into these new house, what school will there children go to ?????? Its just daft There is no need for more houses, defo no need for yet another supermarket and a petrol station no we dont need them !!!!!!

Posted by TSnf I Wed 27th Feb 2013 at 5:31pm

"No need for more houses"? Oh yes there is, haven't you heard that, come next year, this country will be swamped by countless immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria, and didn't our illustrious govt finally admit, only the other week, that most, if not all of the millions of new houses they say they want to be built in the next few years, are in fact, for immigrants not Brits!!!