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Lucky escape for dog in fire

By Lynsey Bradford, Town Reporter Sunday 10th February 2013

A dog had to be given oxygen after a house fire in West Melton.


Bronson, a three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was rescued from the house on Winterwell Road, when fire broke out in the living room at about 2.30pm on Sunday.


Owners Mark Kenny, 24, and Adele Williams, 22, called a animal ambulance after returning home following a phone call from a neighbour alerting them to the fire.


Bronson had been rescued by the fire service and an animal ambulance was called by a member of staff at Arncliffe Vets.


Bronson was taken to the PDSA in Sheffield where he was given oxygen, injections and tablets to help him breathe.

"He's fine now, he just needs to get the smoke off his chest," said Mark.


The couple, who have two young children, were out at the time and returned home to find their home surrounded by fire engines and police cars.


The fire had been put out by the time they returned home.


But Mark added: "They asked us if there was anyone else in the house so I said there wasn't, but there was the dog.


"He was in the kitchen and they'd missed him because he had hidden under some clothes."


Mark said that 95 per cent of the house was damaged and he and Adele have been given temporary accommodation because of concerns about asbestos.


A spokesman for the fire service said the living room was badly damaged and it is thought the fire was started by a mobile phone charger.

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