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Heart attack on a plate?

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Friday 8th February 2013
PD35432 Lee Bailey serves up the breakfast.
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It has been branded 'a heart attack on a plate' - but could this be Barnsley's biggest breakfast?


The feast, which weighs in at a whopping 8lbs, is on offer at an equally whopping £18.99 at Bailey's Coffee Shop in the town centre.


It is called the 'Man vs Food' breakfast challenge and those who tackle it have just one hour to eat:


* 10 rashers of bacon.

* 10 sausages.

* 10 fried eggs.

* A tin of beans.

* A tin of tomatoes.

* A pound of mushrooms

* Five slices of toast.

* Five slices of bread and butter.

* Six slices of black pudding.

* Six hash browns.

* A large cup of tea or coffee.


Owner Emma Bailey, 36, said: "We looked online at other 'big breakfasts' people have done and added a few more bits and it must easily be more than 5,000 calories."

That's roughly TWO days' worth of calories - in just one meal.


* Is this dish really a heart attack on a plate? See page five of this week's Chronicle.

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