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Delivery man in blunder loses his job

By Lynsey Bradford, Town Reporter Friday 25th January 2013
PD35032 Unemployed delivery driver Paul Kellerman.

A delivery driver lost his job after a speed camera wrongly recorded him driving more than 100mph in a 40mph zone.


Paul Kellerman, 49, was delivering electrical goods in Stevenage when he noticed a flash.


Days later his boss told him he had received the notice stating he had been caught going at 103mph and said he would have to let him go.


But Paul's van had a speed limiter which meant it could only go up to 70mph and when he contacted the Hertfordshire Constabulary when he received his notice earlier this month, they confirmed the mistake.


In a letter to him a manager at the safety camera unit stated: "I would like to apologise on behalf of the Hertfordshire Constabulary.


"On further investigation it is apparent that you were travelling within the speed limit at 34mph in a 40mph zone and the ticket was issued as a result of the operator error."


She went on to telephone his employer but were told his position had already been filled.


Paul, of Royston Road, Cudworth, said: "I saw the signs and knew it was a 40, but I knew I wasn't doing much more than 30.


"I was gutted but I knew we had been well under the limit. It's a high street, you can't do 103 miles per hour, and I wouldn't do that."


He said when he called the police they couldn't apologise enough.


"She said it was an error on their part. She kept saying she was so sorry and that I wasn't the first person. But I've still lost my job."


Paul he worked up to 80 hours a week which earned him about £320, he now faces financial difficulties because he is having to sign on and receives £71 per week.


"It's a massive difference. I only had Sunday off and used to go into town for something to eat or go shopping and now that's all gone, it's all been taken away.


"I've had to go cap in hand for housing benefits and ask for help paying my rent."


He said he tried to explain to his boss that he would never drive so fast, but was replaced straight away because of the constant flow of work.


"It's not him I'm mad at - it's the police," he said. "I know everyone makes mistakes but not on that scale.


"They should lose their job for something like that. If I'd not got a letter of apology no one would believe me. I would have had to go to London to go to court and would have got an automatic ban.


"Other people have got to have complained. If people were doing 38 or 39 miles per hour, they might have thought 'I better pay that.'"


Paul is looking for another job, and has applied to become a bus driver.


But he said the situation had taken its toll on his health and he had lost a stone and a half since December 27 when he was sacked.


A spokesman for Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “A notice of prosecution was issued in this instance in error.


"As soon as it was brought to our attention, we retracted the notice and apologised to Mr Kellerman.


“We have written to him to confirm that no further action will be taken in respect of the notice and have also offered to write to the company but Mr Kellerman declined this offer. We have also spoken to the employer to explain the situation.


“The subject of his employment is a matter for him and the company.”

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Posted by newwby I Fri 25th Jan 2013 at 2:22pm

go for unfair dismissal £70.000 max payout and take the keystone cops to court !!! why not!!

Posted by Yorkshireman Andrew I Sun 27th Jan 2013 at 12:09am

Perhaps the Police should employ this chap as a driver to make amends.