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Druidry woman sees faces in snap

By Dan Greaves, Royston Reporter Tuesday 22nd January 2013
PD34780 Unusual discovery: Debbie Robinson

Has the face of God been found in the bark of a tree?


Royston resident Debbie Robinson made the discovery after looking through photographs she had taken in woodlands around Barnsley last year.


Debbie, 51, of Church Hill, studies Druidry, a spiritual tradition which she describes as the belief that the gateway to the spirit world is through trees. Through this, Debbie has taken pictures of hundreds of trees around the borough.


She said: "I started studying Druidry two years ago. I just found it fascinating."


In her photo, Debbie says you can also make out an old lady, the shoulders of a man comforting a child on the right and a 'bee-like fairy figure' to the left of the image.


Debbie said the photo is a close up of a bark formation on what she believes is a pine tree, based on the texture.


"Seeing something like this really makes you wonder," she added.

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Posted by David Swithenbank I Thu 24th Jan 2013 at 8:11pm

Oh please stop. This isn't even news. It's human nature to see recognisable patterns in the random.