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CAB's alert over people's 'food or fuel dilemma'

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Friday 19th October 2012

A stark warning has been given by Barnsley Citizens Advice Bureau that working people in the town are being faced with 'the almost impossible choice' deciding between food or fuel.


It was revealed by the chief executive, Pat Heath, who was speaking at a council meeting on the impact changes to the welfare and benefit system will have on Barnsley.


He warned councillors the town is already facing serious problems as households are being squeezed financially and having to choose between paying for food or fuel.


"There are changes coming in the next 12 to 18 months, but we're overlooking the fact that problems are already with us," he said.


"We are already seeing people who are working that are being squeezed financially by a change in their circumstances, such as work hours being reduced or jobs being lost.


"In a number of these cases very little can be done to maximise their income and they are simply having to manage their budgets or give things up.


"The problem that brings is people are being faced with the almost impossible choice of trying to decide between food or fuel."


Full story in today's Chronicle.

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