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Maddie saves day for band by switching instruments

Sunday 14th October 2012

Little Maddie Barraclough, 12, helped solve a shortage of bass players at Cawthorne Brass Band, where she plays alongside mum Claire and younger sister Ellen, by switching from tenor horn to the B flat tuba.


The instrument was initially suggested to encourage dad Richard to join the band but he and Claire both failed to blow it.


Mum Claire said her eldest daughter must have big lungs.


"I brought it home trying to get my husband to play. He's quite a big guy but he's not a musician,” said Claire.


"I could get one note out of it but it sounded like the Queen Mary leaving harbour and Maddie just picked it up and played it."


Maddie joined the band two-and-a-half years ago at the age of ten with the ambition of learning to play a brass instrument.


She originally took up the tenor horn and, after receiving tuition, began to play with the senior band.


Claire, who lives in Ossett, added: "I think she really likes the quirkiness of it. I think she likes being a small girl with a giant instrument, just for the novelty value."


Band secretary Elvin Athey said Maddie’s switch had caused a stir among fellow band members.


"They could not believe how excellent she was with it,” hesaid. "She is dwarfed by it as she sits with it on her knee."


• The band is looking for new members of all ages. Contact Elvin on 791999.

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