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Treasured memories of Hemingfield pub

By Paul Nizinskyj, Wombwell Reporter Saturday 29th September 2012

Mary, 89, of Wainwright Avenue, was born in the Hemingfield pub in 1923 which was owned by her father Tom Peters.


The family ran it for about 40 years from the turn of last century but Mary had not been back to her birthplace since - until her great niece Pat Marshall arranged a visit on Friday.


The pair had lunch with landlady Patricia Watson and pored over some old photos of the area and Mary's family, including one which shows the pub on Tingle Bridge - with none of the housing that would subsequently surround it.


One of Mary's stories even seemed to solve one of the more macabre mysteries of the pub - which Patricia had brought in paranormal investgators to look into.


Patricia said: "They said there was a lot of activity in the area where Mary said the outbuildings were. It turns out that area was used for laying out bodies when people died because there was no mortuary."


She added Mary even got her leg slapped once for playing with a board which her father used to lay the bodies out on. Mary also revealed the area which is now the pub's restaurant was a pigeon loft.

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