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Heavy rainfall causes flooding across Barnsley

Tuesday 25th September 2012

Heavy rainfall caused floods across Barnsley last night - but rivers did not burst their banks.


The deluge led to problems in Wombwell, Cawthorne, Penistone, Silkstone Common and Huddersfield Road near Darton.


Water levels at Elsecar car park rose quickly after a month's worth of rain fell in 12 hours.


There were also problems for motorists on Lidgett Lane, between Hoyland Common and Harley.


An emergency flood plan was activated by the council. Seven flood teams were deployed to known flood sites in Darton, Low Barugh, Lundwood, Burton Grange, Aldham Bridge, Low Valley, Darfield Bridge and Bolton on Dearne.


The Environment Agency this morning withdrew its flood warning for Darton and Low Barugh. The flood status for the river Dearne was lowered to 'flood alert' at 6.20am for Church Street, Church Close, Mill Lane and Barnsley Road at Darton and Dearne Hall Lane at Low Barugh.


"Rainfall will persist, river levels will remain high but we do not expect any further issues in this area," according to the agency's website.

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