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Council discussion over closure of heart unit

Monday 13th August 2012

The closure of the Leeds children's heart unit will be discussed at a council meeting on Wednesday August 15.



The personal and family wellbeing scrutiny will look at the decision, which, if implemented, will mean patients from Barnsley will have to travel to Newcastle for specialist surgery for their congenital heart defects.



Members have called for the meeting to consider the main areas of concern and the impact on local children and the scrutinty may decide to use its powers to refer the matter to the secretary of state for health.



Dr John Thomson, congential cardiologist from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, has been invited to the meeting.



Chairman of the Commission, Coun Jen Worton, said: “It is hard to believe that a decision has been made to close the unit at Leeds, which has provided excellent services for many years across the Yorkshire and Humber region. If this happens it could be devastating news for sick and vulnerable children in Barnsley and their families, who could now have to travel huge distances for specialist heart surgery. We owe it to those children to look at this issue again and see if the right decision has been made.”



Members of the commission are keen for members of the public to contact them if they want to make their views known about this issue.



Email the democratic and member engagement team or call 773004.