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Misery and fear again for Darfield residents

By Paul Nizinskyj, Wombwell Reporter Tuesday 10th July 2012
PD28113 Ruined: A garden at Stonyford Road, Low Valley.
Five years after flooding devastated Darfield, heavy rain has again caused misery and fear in the village's residents.
Stonyford Road in Low Valley saw some of the worst flooding in the area on Friday, with back gardens still resembling swimming pools full of brown water on Monday.
Diane Clarke, 50, of Station Road, Low Valley, is on tenterhooks every time it rains. "We're sick of it. We are stuck in this house because we can't sell it. When it starts raining and you know for a fact it's coming you cannot sleep."
Aldham House Bridge in Wombwell was closed as water enveloped the old garage and twelve people had to be ferried to safety by firefighters at about 9.45pm when they became trapped.
Wombwell road closures also occurred in on Pitt Lane, Bradberry Balk Lane, Windmill Lane and Smithy Bridge Lane in Hemingfield. Firefighters attended Station Road on Saturday morning to pump away standing water.
Stonyford Road was closed by police until 3.30am as about 100 residents pitched in to help line the river Dove with flood bags and sandbags throughout Friday afternoon and into the night.
One volunteer in his 50s was swept away as the bank broke and took down a row of concrete fencing but was quickly saved by his son.
Many residents lost thousands of pounds worth of property from their garages and gardens, including electrical appliances, fruit and vegetable plants and even animals such as chickens.
Most are covered through high insurance premiums though one resident said he will not be claiming because of a £5,000 excess on his scheme. Another said he had switched insurance companies in March only to be told on Monday morning he had not in fact been covered.
Michael Dugher, MP for Barnsley East, said he had written to the government on the subject of flood insurance. More in Friday's Wombwell edition.
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Posted by Missstella I Tue 10th Jul 2012 at 9:28am

This is horrible I live at Lundwood and it's the same here people are worrying again in the dearn flooding when this happened last time we all thought it was resolved and would not happen again a freak weather thing they said and it has this will be the third time for some of our residence in this area mr Chris Darby should live here And then they may do something to help these people

Posted by stutheenquirer I Wed 11th Jul 2012 at 10:58pm

I feel very sorry particularly for Darfield/Low Valley areas.Unfortunately it just demonstrates why properties shouldn't be built on flood plains or "at risk" areas.Must be a nightmare for these poor residents if you are on the receiving end for the umpteenth time.Future developers and local planning officials must take note of this on future planning applications.