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Flood chaos as Barnsley swamped

By Kate Pickles, Town Reporter Monday 9th July 2012

Flash flooding swamped Barnsley over the weekend causing damage to houses, shutting roads and forcing events to be cancelled.


Torrential rain caused rivers to rise as more than a month's rain fell in 24 hours.


About 2,000 sandbags were given out by the council to some of the worst-hit areas including Lang Avenue, Lundwood, and Riverside Garden, Bolton.


Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis visited Lundwood on Sunday to talk to those affected. "It was pretty grim. It's a horrendous experience to be flooded and there were a lot of very upset people," he said.


"The response needs to be together and effective. People don't want to hear 'it's not our responsibility, it's Yorkshire Water's.'


"People need a co-ordinated effort to make sure these people that have been flooded, many of them four or five times before, have the support they need."


The Button Mill pub in Worsbrough was flooded and the pitch at the Worsbrough Sports Centre was under a few feet of water. Aldham Bridge and Crescent, Wombwell, turned into rivers and Elsecar Park had water reaching bench levels.


Royston village gala was cancelled on Sunday as Royston Park was waterlogged and school summer fairs and sports days were postponed.


Determined business owners on Mill Lane, Darton, swept surface water away which luckily ran into new overflow pipes on the banks of the river Dearne, failing to breach buildings.


By Friday evening the river level reached the top of a crossing bridge at the back of the Post Office, on Church Street, and the road was later closed to traffic.


Darton cricket field, in the park next to the river, was left saturated and trains running through the village were cancelled.


In Penistone areas such as Green Road and Barnsley Road had water running down the streets, and Hoyle Mill Lane, next to the River Don in Thurlstone, along with Manchester Road at Millhouse Green were also badly affected.


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Posted by james kemp I Tue 10th Jul 2012 at 6:54am

I live on Lang Avenue, lundwood. It was pretty bad yes with the water creeping up the street and from the field at the back from a burst pipe. The fountain of water coming out of it was half a metre high.

Posted by MaryL I Wed 18th Jul 2012 at 1:54pm

My family was caught in the November 1946 flooding of Lang Avenue, Burton Grange. It was horrendous, I was 7 years old, my sympathy to those caught in the recent floods, in our case, the canal burst it's banks. It was fortunate that it happened during the night, otherwise, children, would have been caught up in it on their way to school.