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Sandbag advice - buy your own

By adam civico, Assistant Editor Friday 6th July 2012

Householders needing sandbags to protect their property should buy their own, Barnsley Council has warned.


In a statement issued after heavy rainfall caused the Environment Agency to issue a flood alert the council said it had a small stock of sandbags.


It said: "In terms of sandbags:


  • "Residential - Where requests are received for sandbags as a precautionary measure prior to actual flooding occurring residents will be advised to purchase their own sandbags from local builders' merchants.
  • "Commercial - No sandbags will be made available to businesses or commercial enterprises, where requests are received they will be advised to purchase their own sandbags from local builders' merchants.

"The council maintains a small stock of sandbags, but these will be issued only during an emergency to residents who are at imminent risk of flooding and/or in response to a flooding incident."


The spokesman said there had been standing water locally which was expected to drain once the rain eased. "The council has worked hard throughout the year to ensure that gullies, culverts and drains are kept clear to allow the water to drain away as quickly as possible.


"Our Highways teams continue to monitor the situation across the borough and are dispatching teams where issues have been arising. However, please drive carefully."


He said the EA flood warning from Denby Dale to Mexborough was a precautionary measure and there were no immediate concerns.

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Posted by Ellie Hambelton I Sat 7th Jul 2012 at 3:01pm

Good old Barnsley council ! So caring and compassionate. We pay thousands of pounds in council tax and this is the best you can do ? Pity the so called "spokesperson " isn't brave enough to have his / her name printed.

Posted by b brooks I Sat 9th Aug 2014 at 3:42pm

It's about time the people of barnsley realized its time for a change instead of keep voting Labour council back in.