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Labour's majority up to 23 - full election results here

Friday 6th May 2011

Labour has made five gains on Barnsley Council increasing its majority up to 23.


Labour made five gains, all at the expense of Barnsley Independent Group. It gives Labour 43 councillors and BIG 13. There are also six conservatives and one independent councillor of no political group.


Four sitting councillors, all of Barnsley Independent Group, lost their seats: Barry Lipscombe in Hoylnd Milton, Geoff Bowden in Kingstone, John Love in Old Town and Steve Sylvester in Rockingham.


The group's other loss was Darfield, where BIG member David Wainwright had stood down, and his successor as candidate Carmen Hancock-Jones was beaten by Labour's Brian Key, a former Euro MP.


Coun Linda Burgess, Labour, who retained Darton West, said she was 'delighted' that the BNP came last in her ward - she said Darton West had been that party's 'target ward' for several years.


"I'm thrilled about my own result, obviously, but it is a sign that the BNP is losing the support it had, and I do think that is good news for our society, and our communities."


Results are as follows:




Martin Dyson, LAB, 1,577

Jack Hetherington, TUSAC, 150

Elizabeth Hill, CON, 281

Damion Krska, BIG, 263

Colin Porter, BNP, 289


The councillor elected is Martin Dyson, LAB hold



Kirk Stuart Dyson, CON, 278

Terry Hubbard, BNP, 444

Charlie Wraith*, LAB, 2,002


The councillor elected is Charlie Wraith, LAB hold



David Burnett, BNP, 197

Carmen Hancock-Jones, BIG, 1,091

Brian Key, LAB, 1,541

Gordon Wilkinson, CON, 239


The councillor elected is Brian Key, LAB gain


Darton East

Joni Hood, LIB, 117

Roy Miller*, LAB, 1,660

Garry Bradley Needham, CON, 363

John Race, BIG, 894

Sharon Sutton, BNP, 170


The councillor elected is Roy Miller, LAB hold


Darton West

Linda Burgess*, LAB, 2,041

Ian Sutton, BNP, 435

Clive Watkinson, CON, 769


The councillor elected is Linda Burgess, LAB hold


Dearne North

Alan Gardiner*, LAB, 1,665

Kurt Garner, BIG, 501

Nathan Walker, BNP, 246


The councillor elected is Alan Gardiner, LAB hold


Dearne South

Paul Edward Buckley, CON, 207

Susan Elaine Garner, BIG, 206

Raymond Hinchcliffe, BNP, 270

Ralph Sixsmith, LAB, 2183


The councillor elected is Ralph Sixsmith, LAB gain



Alan Brown, BNP, 222

Dave Leech, LAB, 1,199

Brian Perrin*, BIG, 1,564

Hamish Toon, CON, 494


The councillor elected is Brian Perrin, BIG hold


Hoyland Milton

Sam England, CON, 314

Barry Lipscombe*, BIG, 1,075

Kevin Riddiough, ENG, 290

Tim Shepherd, LAB, 1,630


The councillor elected is Tim Shepherd, LAB gain



Geoff Bowden*, BIG, 870

Howard Grant Pearson, CON, 193

Peter John Robinson, BNP, 195

Tom Sheard, LAB, 1,160


The councillor elected is Tom Sheard, LAB gain


Monk Bretton

Jane Collins, UKIP, 452

Jane Hubbard, BNP, 252

Clive Melvin Pickering, BIG, 560

Margaret Sheard*, LAB, 1,292

Michael John Toon, CON, 135


The councillor elected is Margaret Sheard, LAB hold


North East

Winnifred Dashwood, BNP, 210

Tony Devoy, IND, 122

Gill Millner, CON, 231

Dave North*, BIG, 1,716

Chris Sykes, LAB, 1,388


The councillor elected is Dave North, BIG hold


Old Town

Andrew Barr, CON, 331

Anita Cherryholme, LAB, 1,673

John Curtis, BNP, 211

John Love*, BIG, 951


The councillor elected is Anita Cherryholme, LAB gain


Penistone East

Paul Francis Hand-Davis*, CON, 2,577

Jill Hayler, LAB, 1,811


The councillor elected is Paul Francis Hand-Davis, CON hold


Penistone West

Mick Drewry, IND, 558

Paul James, BNP, 195

Ann Rusby, CON, 1,836

Peter Starling, LAB, 1,298


The councillor elected is Ann Rusby, CON hold



George Hill, CON, 333

Chris Lamb, LAB, 1,846

Peter Shirt, BNP, 210

Steven Sylvester*, BIG, 1,263


The councillor elected is Chris Lamb, LAB gain



Tracey Jayne Cheetham, LAB, 1,570

Eddie Gouthwaite, SOC, 114

Paul Anthony Harris, BNP, 113

James Johnson, UKIP, 450

Alex Wilkinson, CON, 244

Ben Wilson, LIB, 148


The councillor elected is Tracey Cheetham, LAB hold


St Helen’s

Jenny Platts*, LAB, 1,713

Dean Walker, BNP, 261

Lesley Anne Watkinson, CON, 185


The councillor elected is Jenny Platts, LAB hold



Karen Dyson*, LAB, 1,755

Susan Joy Harris, BNP, 261

Daniel Pickering, BIG, 622

Chris Pilkington, CON, 233


The councillor elected is Karen Dyson, LAB hold



Keith Tony Jenner, CON, 323

Shane John Parker, BNP, 218

Jane Arnot Townsend, BIG, 440

Dick Wraith*, LAB, 1,887


The councillor elected is Dick Wraith, LAB hold



Betty Barlow*, LAB, 1,296

Daniel Cooke, BNP, 246

Raymond Levitt, BIG, 1,061

Peter John Murray, CON, 244

Terry Robinson, SOC, 74


The councillor elected is Betty Barlow, LAB hold


* denotes sitting councillor

BIG - Barnsley Independent Group

BNP - British National Party

CON - Conservative

ENG - English Democrat

IND - Independent

LAB - Labour

LIB - Liberal Democrat

SOC - Socialist Labour

TUSAC - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts