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UKIP candidate launches campaign

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Friday 11th February 2011
UKIP candidate: Jane Collins

A MINER'S daughter is hoping to make 'a big impact' in Barnsley as the candidate for UKIP in the Barnsley by-election.


Jane Collins has been selected as the UK Independence Party's candidate and she told the Chronicle she is standing because has a strong love for town and wants a chance to be the voice for people who live here. 'Born and bred' in Yorkshire, Jane was raised in Pontefract, her dad was a miner and she considers herself a 'grassroots' politician - not a career-climbing one.


"I think we will do very well," she said. "The people of Barnsley have had enough and are sick of the present coalition. "If people here are very kind and give me their vote the one thing I am going to do is be a voice for Barnsley and speak for the people.


"I want to ask them where their money has gone. We've got old age pensioners who are trying to survive on very little with more cuts on the way, yet there are chief executives of councils living on £200,000 plus but they do not seem to be having any cuts."


Showing his support, Godfrey Bloom, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, said Jane would make a great impact in Barnsley.

"I think she has a good strong chance to make a great impact," he said. "The town needs a change and it has come from years and years of contempt from what ordinary people think. "I strongly believe we can change this."