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Darfield and Elsecar meet at the Olympics

By Paul Nizinskyj, Wombwell Reporter Friday 10th August 2012

A Darfield councillor has told of his experiences as a spectator at the Olympics.


Coun Brian Key bought tickets to see the fencing with his wife and also saw some of the free marathon and triathlon events on Wednesday and Sunday.


He said that, at £36 for two day tickets, it was excellent value for money and said the atmosphere was ‘wonderful’.


He said: “At the fencing we sat next to a lot of Italians, who won the women’s championships, and there was a video on before it started to show us what it was all about – which was good because I didn't know anything about fencing.


“The place was full and it was really well organised, there were so many volunteers there asking if they could help you. As far as security went, it was better than Heathrow, everybody was very helpful.”


Two of these volunteers were Stan and Julie Fox, of Foundry Street, Elsecar, and the two couples had dinner together on one of the nights.


He said: “Julie was with the horses and her job was to try and get the competitors outside and keep the press away. Stan was in the athletics stadium and his job was showing people where to go.”