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Barnsley News

Hilda Stevens
Talented cricketer passes away By helen williams
 Brian 'Doggie' Dawson
Stephen Waddington
New design for Barnsley Library
New-look library unveiled By gail robinson
Heidi-Rae Wagstaffe
Michael Dugher
Noelie Goforth
Andy Marshall
Ethel Lang
Gemma Joel
Claire Throssell
Competitive eater Randy Santel
Jamie Lea and her new husband
Kyran Hopwood
Craig Lindley
Pam Morgan
Michael Dugher
MP calls for ticket tout clampdown 4 By Alexander Johnson
Barber Karl Martin
Pat Heath of Barnsley Citizen's Advice
The car ploughed through the garage at Ardsley
Dave Shaw and the cricket poster
Steph Higham of the Alhambra (centre) with hospital staff with the remaining fundraising balance from 2014
Peter Harper hopes to open his own cafe
The Pratt family
Teenager injured in hit and run By Lynsey Bradford
Danny Whatley
Barnsley Boxer Lee Noble
Funds raised in memory of Jack Linford have helped fund sensory equipment
South Yorkshire Police logo
John Dennis
Nicola Richardson
The lakes at Cannon Hall will be restored
Barnsley Interchange
The search party set up to rescue Jimmy the cat
Jemma Taylor-Cutts
Thrill-seeker David Warriner
Musician Catherine Rannus
Evangeline Annie Woodward and her mum Lauren
Lee Hurst
Paul Jennings and Shane Bristow
Paul Batley is furious about the damage to the pitch
Actor Danny Taylor
Jack Mitchell-Ryan
Jamie Lea Jepson and Gareth Harrison
Good news for bride Jamie Lea 20 By Lynsey Bradford
Frank Lindley talking to reporters about his son's plight
Pound dog: BARC manager Kerry Flood with Mack.
Return of the Mack By gail robinson
Home at last: Jimmy.
Kira Rosser and Marie Hoyle from the Kakoty practice.
Jack Walton, picture by Eddy Highton, Visionary UK
Jack's life after X Factor By helen williams
Geoff Utley with his newly upholstered chairs.
Ken Burkinshaw
Kelsey Ellison
MYSTERIOUS GIRLS: Barnsley area Slimming World consultants cuddle up to singer and TV presenter Peter Andre. Left to right: Tracy Wilford, Dawn Dainton, Tammy Turner, Hayley Barnes, Shelley Dickinson.
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