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Lorraine Gelder - Death

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Published on the 21st June 2013.

Gelder, Lorraine (nee Turai) Passed away June 13th, 2013.
You never failed to do your best,
Your heart was true and tender,
You gave so much to those you loved,
And those you loved remember.
All our lives well miss you,
As the years will come and go,
But within our hearts well keep you,
Because we love you so.
God bless you Lorraine,
Lots of love and kisses.
From Mum and Dad xxxx.
Lorraine, words cannot express how I feel,
You will be for ever in my heart,
Lots of love and kisses.
From brother Robert xxxx.
In our hearts your memory is kept,
Of a special sister we will never forget,
God bless you Lorraine,
Lots of love and kisses.
From brother Michael and Tracey xxxx.
Of all the many blessings,
However great or small,
To have had you for a sister,
Was the greatest one of all.
The family chain is broken now,
And nothing seems the same,
But as God takes us one by one,
The chain will link again.
Love from your sister Linda, Diane and family xxxx

Gelder, Lorraine My beautiful sister Lorraine, re united with my other beautiful sister Maureen.
Love always.
From Les, Tracey, Sez and Terrika x

Gelder, Lorraine
We seldom ask for miracles,
But today just one will do,
To leave the door wide open,
And see you walking through,
Wed wrap our arms around you,
And kiss your smiling face,
For you were someone special,
That can never be replaced.
Love and miss you.
From Patricia and Simon xxx

Gelder, Lorraine
You were someone special,
And thats the way youll stay,
Loved, missed and remembered,
Each and every day.
Love from Pauline, Sue, Steve and girls

Gelder, Lorraine
Words are few, thoughts are deep,
Memories of you we will always keep.
Love from June and family xxx

Gelder, Lorraine
Memories last a lifetime,
Like pictures in a book,
One that I will treasure,
And shall never give up.
Love from Helena and Paul xxx.
Deep in our hearts youll always stay,
Loved and remembered every day.
Love from Victoria and Dean xxx.
Theres a path of golden memories,
That leads to heaven above,
It keeps you really close to us,
Its called the path of love.
Look after her Lord,
In your garden of rest,
Heaven must be beautiful,
You only take the best.
Love from Sandra, Jim, Janette, Paul, Joanne, Rick, Jessica, Rebecca and Danniella xxx

Gelder, Lorraine Memories of a dear auntie
Rest in peace
From Lynn, Neil, Simon, Abby and Alexandra xx

Gelder, Lorraine
Put your arms around her Lord,
Give her all your care,
Make up for all she suffered,
And all that seemed unfair.
From Barbara and Dennis and Alan, Ian and Sarah and family

Gelder, Lorraine
Its hard to believe that you have gone,
The kind and gentle, thoughtful one,
Youll always be in our thoughts and prayers,
We will always remember your smiling face,
You were an auntie in a million,
No one could take your place.
R.I.P Auntie Lorraine,
With all our love.
From Gary, Susan, Kevin, Carly and Thomas xxxx
Gentle Jesus up above,
Please give Lorraine all my love.
From Warren Lee xx

Gelder, Lorraine
We loved to give you cuddles,
You always made us smile,
You were cherished right till the end,
And you will be in our hearts forever.
Love always.
From Nicole, Shannon and Morgan.
Lorraine, our very special friend,
You were always there for us,
Such a caring person,
You will be greatly missed,
More than words can say,
You will never be forgotten.
Love from Byron and Suzanne xx

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