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In Situ

AN exhibition of ceramic artists' work will be displayed at the Civic following the revival of British Studio Ceramics.In Situ, which opens at the Civic on July 19, will look at the artistic practice of several contemporary potters whose work fuses the British traditionalism of Leach and the early studio potters with European modernism inherited from artists such as Rie and Hans Cooper, and later the free expressionism.It will include the works of artists who have exhibited in the UK and internationally, and includes pieces by Tanya Gomez, Carina Ciscato, Sasha Wardell, Loretta Braganza, Jonathan Wade, Jayne Hamlyn, Sarah Flynn, Susan Disley and Ikuko Iwamoto.The artists explore the changing tensions of these traditions and the dynamic between expression and function by pushing what their pots can do, whilst still retaining the values of British Studio tradition.

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In Situ