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Geoff Bedford - Death

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Published on the 2nd May 2014.

Bedford, Geoff
Our privilege to call him a friend,
Remembering happy times together.
From Stan, Julie and family, John, Alison and family

Bedford, Geoff
God has taken you away from us,
And taken you to rest,
Its not for us to understand,
He only takes the best.
From Denis, Mick, Shaun, George, Sean and Harry

Bedford, Geoff
A Bud, a chat, a spin,
We all miss him,
God rest old mate.
From John Chad and Bob

Bedford, Geoff Fond memories of a dear friend.
From Billy and Linda

Bedford, Geoff
Fond memories of times spent with our old friend Geoff,
One of lifes characters.
From Linda and Bill Fynn

Bedford, Geoff
R.I.P. Geoff,
Our thoughts are with you and all your family.
From Tim and Jaye x

Bedford, Geoff
What a legend, we will miss you pal
From Steve and Pam xx

Bedford, Geoff
Living each day as if it was your last,
Wonderful memories of the times gone past,
At Eldon and Cricket Club winning trophies together,
Happy memories of you we will always treasure.
From Alan and Val Mills

Bedford, Geoff
Just a tribute, true and tender,
Just to show we will remember.
From Dennis Tatt and all your old mates from Eldon Youth Football Club

Bedford, Geoff
Friends never say farewell,
Ill see thi later,
R.I.P. Geoff,
A top lad.
From your team-mate Malc Holden

Bedford, Geoff
Memories last forever,
R.I.P. Geoff.
From Tuney, Karen, Daniel and Jamie

Bedford, Geoff
The Woolley days will always be remembered,
Win, draw or lose, a gallon or two would always be consumed,
The trips down to Sandown and the card game at the back,
Now there was a laugh,
The money flip outside the Sussexs,
How can anybody forget that,
Your double act with Macka,
And the relentless ribbing of Parkin,
The shout of Gary,
Its a Kawasaki, vroom, vroom,
And wed all be laughing,
Good memories and stories,
There are too many to tell,
So goodbyes Geoff mate,
Youll not be forgotten.
From Lunny, Scag, Hodgey, Craig, Gary, Crowy, Kevin, Logey, everybody who played for you and all the Sandown lads

Bedford, Geoff
Hello Geoff, what a bloke,
Such a good football player,
Manager and mate,
The story of the Woolley Miners Welfare Football Club,
Stop off at the Licensed Victuallers do,at Newmillerdam Inn is legend,
From Richard Blake (Blakey)

Bedford, Geoff
A smile, a laugh, a joke or two,
Thats how we will remember you.
From Sykie and Jane

Bedford, Geoff
Rest in peace my old friend.
From Pete Pleasants, our young Liam, Angela and family

Bedford, Geoff
That loveable character,
You touched our lives,
We respected your talents,
Of our beautiful game,
Be very sadly missed,
We loved you,
From Steve Redfern and family

Bedford, Geoff
Its not what we write Geoff,
Its not what we say,
But how we remember you,
In our own special way.
Goodbye Geoff, old pal.
Love from Dave and Scott Turner xx.
Bedford, Geoff
So very sad that you were taken so quickly Geoff,
You will be missed dearly.
Gone but never forgotten.
From Rachel and Rosie xxx

bedford, Geoff
Good friends never say goodbye,
They simply say see you soon.
From Peter (Popcorn)

Bedford, Geoff
The whistle has been blown far too early,
There should have been more time to play,
We will never win another game now,
Weve lost our best player.
From Garry and family

Bedford, Geoff
A spin on the wheel, a day at the races,
Or when we won it lit up our faces,
Until we meet again Geoff.
From Dave and Steph

Bedford, Geoff
To a good mate.
From Phil, Jack, Joe, Dave and Ray

Bedford, Geoff
A smile, a laugh, a drink or two,
Thats how we will remember you.
From Joe, Sue, Phil and Pam xx

Bedford, Geoff
Great footballing days Geoff,
God bless.
From Tony and Marilyn xx

Bedford, Geoff
Goodbye friend,
Rest in peace.
From Granville

Bedford, Geoff Local football legend.
Rest in peace.
From Kieron, Leigh and family
Deepest sympathy to Nick, Richard and Katy

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