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Margaret Booth - Death

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Published on the 4th April 2014.

Booth, Margaret (nee Harnett) Passed away on 26th March, aged 64.
You always had a smile to share,
Time to give and time to care,
This is how we will remember you.
Love from Mary, Michael and family and Madge and family

Booth, Margaret
Silent thoughts of times together,
Memories that will last forever.
All our love.
From Chris, Claire, Sam, Emma and Amy x

Booth, Margaret
A true friend has passed us by,
And left a big hole in our gang.
Maggie, you will be missed on our nights out and trips away,
But we will never forget you and your antics.
Love from The Girls xxx

Booth, Margaret
Ours is just a simple prayer,
God bless and keep you in His care.
From Jean and Eli

Booth, Margaret
Words are few, thoughts are deep,
Memories of you we will always keep.
Love from Mabel and family and Jenny, Derrick and family

Booth, Margaret
We did not get to say goodbye,
But memories of you will last forever.
R.I.P. love.
From friends Pat and Joan

Booth, Margaret A true friend.
Our hearts are filled with memories,
We gathered through the years,
All the happy times we shared,
Are treasured souvenirs.
Love from Mary, Florence and Marilyn xxx

Booth, Margaret A special friend.
No longer in our lives to share,
But in our hearts you will always be there,
Reunited with her beloved Mum,
Night, God bless.
From Dave, Sharron, Rachel and Sean x

Booth, Margaret
God put His arms around her,
And said Maggie, come and rest.
Love from Julie C x

Booth, Margaret Treasured friend.
40 years of friendship says it all,
You touched the hearts of all who knew you.
From Sue, Julie, Shaun, Len, Julie and all their children and grandchildren xxx

Booth, Margaret
Remembering the good times we shared together.
Love from Margaret, Pete, Geri and Jamie x

Booth, Margaret A lovely friend who is too special to ever forget.
Love always.
From Ann and Pat xxx

Booth, Margaret
A silent thought, a quiet prayer,
For a special person in Gods care.
Love from Sandra, Malc and family x

Booth, Margaret
You always had a smile to share,
Time to give and time to care,
A loving friend, kind and true,
This is how well remember you.
Love always.
From Mon, John, Darren, Jason, Rebecca and families

Booth, Margaret
Its not what we write,
Or even what we say,
But how we remember you,
In our own special way.
Love from Yvonne, Ashleigh and Adrian xxx

Booth, Margaret Treasured memories of a lovely friendship.
You will be sadly missed by us all,
Love you to bits.
From Kath, Col, Lisa, Lucy and families xx
It was a pleasure to have known you Margaret,
God bless.
Love from Annette, Alan and Andrew xx

Booth, Margaret
Thank you for being my friend.
From Lynn and Chris xx

Booth, Margaret A lifelong friend who will be sadly missed.
Many memories we hold and treasure,
Of happy times we had together,
Never forgotten.
Love from Christine, Alan and family xx

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